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"What on earth is that?" Wherever the 6teambike appears it receives stares of disbelief. The adults stand around in amazement at the technology, and ask themselves how it is driven and whether in fact it rides around in a circle. The children fight amongst themselves to see who can sit on the funny thing first.
Riding on the 6teambike is pure pleasure. During the ride the 6 riders look at each other and push on the pedals. The brains of the outfit sits in the driving position, while the person sitting at the front pedals hard while travelling backwards.

History of how it emerged

The 6teambike made its first appearance in the "Ratzeburg Draisine Station" leisure park. There the 6-seater development of the Dutch "OCTOS" model was introduced by Staller Studios, the ideas people, together with SAM Cycle, the bicycle workshop. After just a short time it became clear that while the idea of "6 people riding in a circle" was great, the technology required some further work. Thus after a 3-year period of development the 6teambike appeared, and blossomed into an attraction as the means of transport for one stage of the "3 sets of muscles tour" (by hand-operated railcar, bike, and canoe). In the last years not less than constantly 12000 customers completed this tour, one- or twothousand hired out the set of wheels for something like an hour, while a further 15,000 guests paid for a mini trip on our own site with a smile. We have fallen very much out of favour with our neighbours, because they now find "the constant noise and laughter of the guests" as bad as the road traffic. And it’s certainly true that many riders need a very long time to get back to normal after the initial collective spasm of laughter.

Meanwhile the 6teambike has become a good advertisement for us and is almost always the way in which we are recognised at festivals, fairs and exhibitions. "The Railway Experience? That’s the people with the hand-operated railcar and the funny bike…"

For whom is the 6teambike suited?

  • Leisure parks see the 6teambike as a particular attraction to cover the distances between individual stations and to provide fun at the same time.
  • Booking agencies of all kinds can use it to expand their capacities and can offer new tours, or tours combined with existing vehicles. For example, take the canoe across the lake and come back with the 6teambike – the next group is then sent off in reverse order, so that all the vehicles return to their starting points. Or start a trip with the hand-operated railcar and take the return journey on the 6teambike.
  • Conference hotels can make their packages more attractive if they offer a nice change of scene for the delegates’ free time. These days the ambience of a place is not just determined by the presence of all the necessities. Bookings are triggered mainly by the special goodies provided.
  • Tourism centres can use the 6teambike for town trails of a particular kind. Which is more interesting – the ride or the guide? – in fact it is a very sensible combination, since everybody stays together, and no-one gets lost.
  • Rehab institutions utilise the 6teambike as a fun piece of fitness equipment. From a group of blind people to an exercise team, the participants are enjoying themselves as they receive a necessary common experience under supervision.

Technical details

The 6teambike is composed of a large number of precision components, including high quality bearings, gears that have been machined for this particular duty and metal plates produced using computer-controlled laser cutting processes.

frame The frame is manufactured from 3mm steel plates using a precision laser cutting process. The design has been produced with everyday bookings in mind, i.e. low centre of gravity, low boarding height, boarding step at the rear, tension adjuster, towing hook, large luggage basket, impact protection, table top with cup holders, and umbrella stands. At the same time the frame is very robust (at one festival 17 people were found riding on a 6teambike without the frame suffering any damage).
The vehicle can be placed in an upright position to save space for out of season storage or transportation and can be nested inside the frame.
The drive is achieved via a ring shaft that is located inside the frame and is rotated by the individual riders by means of chain drives.
At the corner points of the frame 60-degree meshing gears are used to “take the force round the corner”. At the left-hand edge the shaft emerges from the frame via a double universal joint and becomes the drive shaft that drives the left-hand rear wheel via 90-degree gearing. Thus the drive is to a large extent low-maintenance and low-wear, since there are no chains that can stretch or jump off. The gears must simply be topped up with grease from time to time through the openings in the frame provided for that purpose.
gears The gear change mechanism does not actually allow changes between gears, but rather each of the six riders works with a fixed preset gear ratio. A selection can be made between 3 different chain wheels with 20, 24 or 28 teeth. These can be allocated between the individual riders as required. For example, if the bike is to be used only on level stretches, or in the town, it would be possible to install just the fast chain wheel with 28 teeth. For hilly stretches a combination of the 3 possible chain wheel variants could be installed.
The braking system consists of two separate braking circuits. The driver has a hand brake lever cylinder (as on a motorbike) that operates a cylinder on the front wheel, and a foot brake pedal that operates on the two rear wheels. All brake systems are disc brakes with stainless steel discs and Brembo brake callipers designed for motorbikes.
steering wheel The steering functions such that at the end of the steering column a small gear drives a continuous chain that leads through greased tubes via a large chain wheel to the front wheel. In this way the steering is very completely protected inside the frame, is secure against external disturbance, and is continuously greased. With one and a half turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock the 6teambike is extremely easy to steer, and with its 5.50 m turning circle is very manoeuvrable.

Technical Data

Dimensionslength = 2.70 m, width = 2.05 m, height = 1.35 m
Weight195 kg
Seat heightcan be continuously adjusted in the range of 60 to 82 cm above the pedal crank
Min. turning circle5.50 m
Ground clearance175 mm with the pedals in their lowest positions
Drivevia robust moped chains on a ring shaft with fixed gear ratios
Gear changedepending upon local circumstances a choice can be made between 3 fixed gears at the different seating positions
Distance travelled per pedal revolution1st gear:1.29 m, 2nd gear: 1.47 m, 3rd gear: 1.72 m
Speedup to 16 km/h
Wheelshigh quality 17 inch chrome-spoked trike wheels with aluminium hubs
Brakesone handbrake cylinder on the front disc brake and a foot brake cylinder on each of two disc brakes at the rear (with parking mechanism)
Paint finishfire engine red as standard (RAL 3000)
Space requirement when standing uprightheight = 2.60 m, width = 2.05 m, depth = 1.15 m
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