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 Discount  Price excl. VAT 
1 - GBP 5848.00
2-4 8% GBP 5380.00
5-9 15% GBP 4970.00
10+ 20% GBP 4678.00

Single bikes are almost always available immediately. For bigger quantities or for special requests like for example custom colors please allow for one extra week delivery time per bike.

Used Bikes

We have a few used bikes, that were built during the last years since 2002. We sell them at a discount from EUR 4000,- to EUR 6000,- (depending on their age and technical state). Selling these used bikes allows us to keep our own rental young. For you a used model may be a cheap alternative when starting up as you may hestitate to invest the full price of a new bike. You will be able to upgrade your used bike to a new one after one season. Please call us!

Investment thoughts...

According to our experience, you can charge the equivalent of EUR 30,-/h per bike when renting them out. People are generally happy to pay EUR 5,- per person for one hour of great fun. Based on this calculation you would need 250 rentals for your return on this investment (not calculating the 6teambikes eyecatcher qualities that will attract additional attention to your business).
To give you an example: we had 35.000 people riding the 6teambike in our own leisure park in Germany over the last 4 years. The bike ride is part of our so called 3-muscle tour, a small triathlon consisting also of dragon boat rowing and draisine pumping. The 6teambike is the main attraction of this triathlon.
Our park would have never attracted this many customers without the 6teambike.
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